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Nurse honoured with the title Queen’s Nurse

Andie Day, Palliative Care and Cancer Specialist Liaison Nurse with Dartmouth
Caring, has been awarded the title of ‘Queen’s Nurse’ for her exceptional
professional and voluntary commitment to patient care and nursing within the
community. This title recognises Andie’s passion and enthusiasm for
supporting both palliative care and wellbeing in local communities.
Andie works for Dartmouth Caring a charitable organisation that supports
those in need across Dartmouth and the surrounding villages. Her clinical work
is done in partnership with Dartmouth Medical Practice.
The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI), which appoints Queen’s Nurses was
created in 1887 to mark Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, making it the oldest
nursing charity in the world.
The QNI is dedicated to improving the nursing care of people in their own
homes and communities. The QN title is awarded to registered nurses who
have demonstrated consistently high standards of practice in community
Andie Day has been a nurse for 32 years, holding senior nursing posts in The
Royal Marsden Hospital and Marie Curie. After 17 years of working as a
Community Specialist Nurse in various hospices across the country, Andie
began her work with Dartmouth Caring and created the Palliative Care and
Cancer Liaison service (PCCLS), which started operating in 2017.
The PCCLS is a unique service and was created to help patients and their
families in Dartmouth and surrounding villages who may have a life limiting
illness who need palliative care support at an early stage of their illness. It also
helps those patients’ who may be undergoing treatment for cancer who need a
short period of support.
In addition to her professional career, Andie created a local wellbeing
voluntary group in her home village. This was originally designed to help deal
with the many issues facing vulnerable people in a rural community during the
COVID 19 pandemic. During this time Andie received a local COVID heroes
award for her professional work. Andie’s voluntary work continues, supporting
her local community, providing advocacy support and helping individuals to
navigate the care system.
Andie said; “Being awarded the title of Queen’s Nurse is extremely humbling
and a great honour. It will assist me in my passion for nursing palliative care
patients in the community and to support the wellbeing of people in rural
communities. Being a part of a historic institute is a great privilege and I look
forward to networking with other Queen’s Nurses and sharing our experiences
to enhance the lives of our patients.”
Dr Karin Chopin, Palliative Care Lead for Dartmouth Medical Practice,
stated: “We are delighted that Andie’s outstanding care for our patients has
been recognised and honoured in this way”.
Nick Hindmarsh, Manager at Dartmouth Caring, said “The Charity is extremely
proud of Andie’s achievements for her patients and this recognition is hard
earned and highly deserved.”