Dartmouth Medical Practice

Lines open: 8.30am to 6.00pm Mon-Fri

Reception Team

Our receptionists are a pivotal part of the team. They are the members of staff every patient will interact with and who deal with a wide range of queries; not only from patients but from colleagues in other areas of the NHS, such as district nurses and hospitals. They work tirelessly each day taking up to 350 phone calls in any single day and dealing with sometimes 300 members of the public on the front desk.

Please bear in mind that receptionists are carrying out their duties as per their contract with the surgery. If a receptionist advises that he/she cannot help any further with your query, this is not because he/she does not want to, but because they are not allowed or do not have the means to help you any further. Receptionists, although having basic medical training, are not doctors and cannot tell you exactly what your blood test result means unless a GP has instructed them to do so.